Our Property Finding Service

Among its many services, Sweet Apartments offers a made-to-measure property finding service. 


By “made-to-measure” we intend you to understand that we do not force upon you a ready-made service which suits us very well but may not be right for you. 

Instead, you can e-mail us and let us know what sort of assistance you would like from us and we will set a price that we hope is fair and will be affordable and very competitive when compared with the services other agencies have on offer.

You may wish us to simply carry out a computer search of properties which fit your requirements and then e-mail you on a daily or weekly basis giving you the details of the property and the address and telephone number of the estate agents who are handling the sale.

At the other extreme you may wish us to find a property or properties at the right price and in an appropriate location, visit them and let you have a detailed report.

You may even wish us to find you a property in an area we would recommend, view it, negotiate a price you would be willing to pay and carry out every task associated with the purchase, even finding a mortgage-broker and a conveyancing solicitor.

Our charge would be highly competitive and our service would be very personal. We know that if you were happy with us and with the way in which we had helped you, there would be more business to follow, either from you or from your friends and business contacts.